The Great Wait for Kate is Done! (And me too).


Y’all remember how the press used to call Duchess Catherine “Waity Katey” before William finally got off his boney butt and proposed to her? Well…it seems this cute lil nickname, which she probs LOATHES, is following her through life.

No one really knows HOW many days over due the royal incubator was, but sources (aka the internet) tells me it was like 9 or 10 days overdue…and you know the first thing I thought?

“I wonder if the princess poo’d in there since she was in there that long”…

It’s a thing…it’s a gross thing…BUT A THING.

The beautiful princess arrived on Emma’s 7 month birthday…I gotta make connections even if they are weak ones :). I watched them pop out of the Lindo Wing via Periscope as we sailed down 95 south to a wedding. TECHNOLOGY IS THE TITS. So sorry for ever making fun of what I thought was a silly way to just blast your life to the internet, it was AWESOME.

Kate popped outta that door looking like she just spent the last 12 hours at the Elizabeth Arden salon and not that she just pushed an 8lb princess out of her royal underlings. There are superhumans in this world…and she is certainly one of them. I bet if you look at the doors of INOVA Fairfax as women come out with their new babies the well groomed chestnut locks and silk dress are replaced by women sneering at every bump they hit in the wheel chair and that their husbands aren’t holding the car seat up high enough off the ground or something.

No matter, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana is here and she is a peach and I want more pictures…like…can someone put a periscope in the nursery? Creepy? Not legal? Probs gonna get trolled for even writing that statement? WANT MORE BABY.

I will probs never…like…not even probs… I will never meet the princess or her precious royal brother and family, but I DID get a sweet little robe for my princess Emma from a British company called My 1st Years.

Hooded Fleece Robe in Pink- My 1st Years



It’s this adorable little personalized gift shop company that makes the softest little robes and sweetest lil gifts for all of the new prince and princesses in your life. They have these toddler pajamas right now with the same union jack and soldiers that Luke had as a baby for pajamas that I am just salivating over….drool British drool cute drool need.

I know you know SOMEONE having a baby in the next year or so and what better way to help bring these bundles into the world than with a special gift made just for them…and ya never know Charlotte or George may have the exact same one! (I tell myself these things to feel cooler).

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