The power of the whisper…

If you are new here, my son is 2 years and 3 months old…meaning my day is a constant battle between what he wants and desires versus what I want him to have or do. It’s basically the battle of Gettysburg up in this joint. The battles are intense. There are tears, oh so many tears. There are fits. There are stomps. There are screams that could rival a banshee. There are EMOTIONS. ALL OF THE EMOTIONS.


I’ve read many a tips on how to deal with “Strong willed toddlers”. I’ve tried them…and I gotta tell you only one thing REALLY works.


Is there anything creepier than when a parent sneaks in really close to a toddlers ear and whispers?? I dunno, apparently not, because it seems to work 83.4% of the time…rough statistical estimate.


I think on this verse when I find myself on my knees clutching my “wanting to run far away and scream” toddler so I can whisper things into his ears. Bending down to his level, having him feel my presence, and the haunting feeling of whispery tones into his ear…seem to really capture his fiery spirit.

He doesn’t want to hear what I have to say, but he hears me even when I think he doesn’t. Because not 10 minutes later hell say things like “do what mommy says…don’t run…don’t throw toys…it’s nice to share”…he often doesn’t ya know… DO THESE THINGS…but he hears me.

I know that I can’t do this approach all the time…like say when he’s about to run into the street…whispering clearly just ain’t gonna work. But, for the epic battles over not throwing cars at the fridge or his sisters face…being forced to hear mamas scary whisper seems to be doing the trick :).

At least that’s this week…TODDLERS AND THEIR CHANGES. GROAN.

Mamas of the strong willed toddler, when this stops working…what other tricks do you have up your sleeve? Specially for the toy throwing (which he just loses the toy right now) and the sister/mommy punching (ugh)…our biggest two battles right now…

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