EHG ::Six Months::

You turned six months old on the second…a whole nine days ago…this should basically be a 6.5 month post at this point, but let’s not harp on the gory details of this lil situation.


Theres a whole lot of new in your world. Mostly all the new revolves around food. You make this face of utter disbelief that there is actual food in your mouth at every meal. The first time you ate avocado I thought your eyes were gonna pop outta your head with how much you just wanted to devour it. And then when we tried green beans or asparagus I thought you were just gonna puke it right back into my eyes or something…not a fan….not a fan. Orange foods good…green foods bad.

You’re still amazingly good natured, you don’t put up much of a stink over anything…except this whole bottle hating thing…I’ma go ahead and be selfish and demand you just be obedient about everything and take one so we can check this off the list of things to do….go on…suck suck. CMON.

Theres no rolling or sitting up in your near future…and as much as I want your core muscles to just kick it into gear so I can stop worrying about you getting stepped on by your weapon of mass destruction older brother…I like that you are still just a wee one who still needs me for support :). USE ME UP BABY.

We love to hear you “Talk” to us and blow spit bubbles and gurgle and gaggle and bat your long eye lashes as you flirt with your smirk. You still rock the elvis grin win you are amused or curious and I spend way too much time rubbing my head along your soft duck butt hair which is just growing straight up to the high heavens.

I delight in your existence and am so thankful for all of the sweet cheeky kisses I get to steal every day. SMOOCHIES MY BOO BOO.

LGP_2500 2

LGP_2521 2

LGP_2532 2

LGP_2562 2

LGP_2581 2

LGP_2674 2

LGP_2731 2













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  1. Tom Goggin says:

    Hey Lindsey! What a wonderful post! Thanks sooooo much for those pics!


    Poppa G (or PopPop)

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