Oh you brave mamas, bless you.


Do you ever get sucked into peoples instagram accounts having no connection to them whatsoever, but you find their pic and you just get sucked into the story of their world? Just me? K FINE, but now that I’ve said it maybe you will too.

I often just scan random pics in instagram looking for fun new people to follow with cute babies. But sometimes, a picture of a sweet lil fella or fellette (totes made that word up) catches me attention.

Ever since having my two human replicas, it’s hard for me to watch, listen to, or imagine stories of child abuse, neglect, terminal illness, and things of the like. It’s just TOO MUCH. I can’t even watch Call the Midwife on PBS anymore because sometimes the stories just make my insides ache. Did yall watch the season 4 opener? I COULDNT.

Anyways. Back to where I was originally going with this.

I came across this mama who is braver than brave. The BRAVEST. Her little fella was born with his heart only being half formed…can you imagine??? He’s had some other complications and he can’t sit up, eat, swallow, or even cry…this mama has basically been housebound for 19 months straight because he requires an oxygen tank and they can’t leave the house without two people in the car incase he chokes on his own saliva in the car while they are driving…are you as sad for them as I was? I couldn’t stop reading or scanning or just feeling so so sad for her. And then I couldn’t stop thinking selfishly about how I couldn’t imagine, I could never be that brave, I could never, I can’t even handle tantrums over cookies in public…how could I do that.

Thankfully, oh thank you heavens above that my children are healthy and I pray every day they stay that way. But now I also pray for these lil bits and their mamas, how lucky they are to have so brave, inspiring women helping them get through every single day…amen sistas. Amen.


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