The Easter Egg Hunt at the North Pole.

Mother nature is a fickle ole hag.

She thinks its fun to dangle warm weather days in between 30 degree freezing cold torture chambers. She did it to us again this past weekend…that hag.

Our church Easter Egg Hunt was this past weekend and nothing says Spring time like hunting plastic Easter eggs with winter coats and frozen fingers. WINTER, YOU ARE NO LONGER WANTED, DEPART.

I’m not sure my son has the ability to really feel cold though. He’d stay outside all day in 30 degree temps in a t-shirt without really noticing as long as there was some dirt to dig in or grass to run on. So, he was all sorts of content to just collect the plastic eggs in a haste.

Easter egg hunts are funny y’all. I’ve been to some cut throat egg hunts in my days…you tell a group of adults that some of the eggs have special prizes and you’d think there was a check for 10,000 in those things. They’ll push over a 2 year old with NO SHAME. Thankfully, this time around, no prizes, just jolly merriment in between shivers. Oh and some bubbles.

Our next egg filled event is at the WHITE HOUSE YALL. Watch out Obama…the Goggins are coming back!

easterhunt2 easterhunt3 easterhunt4 easterhunt1


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