Your table is now ready at the Mushy Food Club Ms. E.

E skillet started eating solids  mushed up versions of people foods about a week ago. In a brief moment of delusion I thought this would help her to sleep through the night a little bit better because I forgot that is actually a farse and a silly myth moms believe to make themselves feel better. So, she still sucks to the capital S U C K S at sleeping, but at least she gets to eat mushy pudding type versions of food before the suckage begins.

Warning if you find mushy oatmeal smeared onto a chubby face disturbing, just exit out now and come back later…

Faves so far: Just about all of it.

The first bite....nommmmmmmmmmmm.
The first bite….nommmmmmmmmmmm.

We’ve only done oatmeal, bananas, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash, but so far none of these items are in the “me no likey, get that away woman” column. I know that is only a matter of time before we have to start calling things like corn dogs “doughnut bananas” (true story) to get her to eat…so I’m gonna just enjoy this moment of complete content with all types of food.

"This is the chunkiest milk i've ever"
“This is the chunkiest milk i’ve ever had…woman…no.”
" you see what shes doing to me?"
“Dad….do you see what shes doing to me?”
"Mmmm, Ok maybe I like it...."
“Mmmm, Ok maybe I like it….”
I just crushed that oatmeal like a boss.
I just crushed that oatmeal like a boss.
Did my cheeks just grow 10x bigger? Yeaaaaa, they did.
Did my cheeks just grow 10x bigger? Yeaaaaa, they did.


The funny part of this is watching Luke trying to “Feed her” aka shove the spoon probs a lil too far into her throat and then he giggles when she kinda cries…he’s such a good helper I tell ya. He’s a lil territorial over his “purple” spoon which he hasn’t used in about 12 months, but seeing how everything in this world is “his”…it makes sense.

Double the laundry. Double the stinks. Double the chub. Double the grocery bill. Oh, kids.

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