Everyone on the east coast is mad AF about this latest snow storm coming our way. WE ARE OVER IT. And I laugh to myself…because I feel responsible. I distinctly remember saying out loud “this winter hasn’t really been that bad” and then WHAM. SNOW ICE COLD YOUR EYE BALLS ARE FROZEN YOU ARE NEVER GONNA BE WARM AGAIN. Sorry….my B y’all…my B.

We’re about to riot.

Teachers are begging to actually go to work…moms are about to start dropping kids off at the local fire station because they just CANT ANYMORE.

Me? Well since my kiddos are always home with me all the time anyways…it’s nothing out of the ordinary. However, if it could just  be warm enough that I can open the door and let my kid go play in the dirt again….cuz that is all he really wants to do with his life…that would be GREAT. Come on dirt playing weather…where are you??

LGP_1792 LGP_1800 LGP_1812 LGP_1815 LGP_1818 LGP_1820 LGP_1822 LGP_1826 LGP_1829 LGP_1834 LGP_1839 LGP_1845 LGP_1847

As adorable as my kid is when he plays in the snow…being all “helpful” with his snow shoveling skills…I’m just about to start punching holes in the walls if the weather doesn’t get above 45 and STAY THERE. Mother nature, WE SURRENDER. LAY OFF IT. WE GET IT.

Is it cuz I don’t recycle? I’ll change…or I’ll try to change…ok I probs still won’t recycle all the time, but I’ll promise to work on it.


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