EHG ::Five Months::


Oh my little five month old princess, how I delight in your existence. You are my lil ray of sunshine who just wants to smile, suck on things, eat some milk, and sleep. As long as I keep you away from cars, feelings of hunger or sleepyness…you are as just as content as can be. Please stop growing. PLEASE.

ehg12m19 ehg12m20 ehg12m21 ehg12m22 ehg12m23 ehg12m24 ehg12m25

This past month, although short in days, was super full. You received your holy sprinkles, you witnessed your first true snow storm, you had fun visitors, you continued to refuse a bottle….groan, and you went to your second (well first on the outside) bachelorette party.

ehg5m1 ehg5m2

There are days when I think you are the spitting image of your dad and then there are days when I think ‘hey maybe she actually does look a lil bit like me after all’…Either way, I just wanna nom nom on your chubby soft babysoft cheekies and watch you open that big gummy grin mouth in delight.

ehg5m3 ehg5m4 ehg5m5

People always comment on your size…not that you are big, but that you are a “little peanut”. This is new territory for us, brother beast was on the chunkier side from day one, and I have to fight my internal mother bear instincts from shouting “SHES PERFECTLY FINE AND ALMOST OUTGROWING SIZE 6 MONTHS CLOTHES WHO ARE YOU CALLING A PEANUT…”. I just say, yea you’re dainty, and move on hoping they didn’t see my stress eye twitch just happen.

ehg5m6 ehg5m7 ehg5m13 ehg5m8

You still won’t sleep through the night, but you have given me like 1 solid night of sleep this month…so…thanks? You like all things bouncey, you find it HIGHLARIOUS if we bounce you on the bed like a jelly bean. Your brother REALLY loves to bathe you these days…so much so that his big toddler booty hopped into your tub with you last night…you weren’t like super into it…but I don’t think theres any going back now…sorry boo. Oh and peakaboo…you want all of the peakboo action all the time.

ehg5m9 ehg5m10 ehg5m11 ehg5m12 ehg5m14

You aren’t very vocal, you have your moments where you sing to yourself or giggle or chit chat to us, but for the most part you just open your mouth really wide to express your feelings of being tickled pink. All this means is that I’ll just continue to sing made up songs to you all day to encourage you to join along. My favorite of the moment “Emma Hope you’re so cute, I just want to eat your boot”….hey, it rhymes.

ehg5m15 ehg5m16 ehg5m17 ehg12m18

Month five, commin attcha.

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