It’s becoming pretty clear to me…

that Luke kinda sort a lot, ok a way lot, likes to be the center of attention. This past weekend when we attempted to have a sweet, family, baptism for our littlest one…he was totessssss not having any of that.

At our church, they ask the whole family to come and stand as you baptize the wee one. Normally this happens within like the first five minutes of the service, because if you have young kids…like us…with the inability to sit quietly for more than 2 seconds…like we do…it cuts down on the time spent trying to hog tie a two year old into sitting peacefully in a church pew. Welp, this week, they took a different approach and pushed that lil ceremony back about 20 minutes. Needless to say, my husband had his hands full.

“Lets do this quickly before he starts taking his clothes off and running naked or something” – internal monologue
Look at this well mannered boy…


Homeboy was a pill. It’s not for lack of effort on our part. We tried cars. We tried cheerios (ruleeee breakers). We tried talking to him. We tried singing to him. We tried lotsa distractions, but all he wanted to do was get down and race them there cars up and down the enticing red carpet. WHY ARE YOU SUCH A BOY AT ALL TIMES?! 🙂

Somehow, we made it…and by we made it I mean that time slowly progressed forward enough to get to the baptism portion so Luke could finally stand up and disbehave IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CHURCH. DO you know what puts your parenting skills on display worse than that? Cuz I don’t. I think that was it. I knew what they were all saying “Oh shiz, that mother can’t train her two year old to sit quietly in his fathers arms for 2 minutes…THE SHAME”. You are right world, I can not. Even giving him 10 trucks, cheerios, and god knows what else to hold couldn’t stop his fighting spirit and desire to just get DOWN. Part of me thought this was hilarious…the other part…GUH…the other part….meh, what can ya do right? 🙂


LGP_0426 LGP_0430 LGP_0438

All in all, Luke’s behavior aside. It was a lovely celebration. Little missy has been holy sprinkled, our family and friends were in attendance, and we ate cake and ham biscuits for lunch. I’d say, that makes for one good Sunday.

look at those two in the back,,, THANKS!

LGP_0439 LGP_0440 LGP_0444 LGP_0445 LGP_0449 LGP_0452 LGP_0468 LGP_0492 LGP_0507LGP_0516


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