You’re so precious to me, because you were made to be.


Do you ever look at your kids and think…” Damn Jesus, you have given me the perfect kids for me, that’s pretty bad a$$”. Maybe you say it nicer than that…but sometimes I look at my kids and think…I am so glad you are mine and not someone elses or that I don’t have anyone else (cept any future kids, Ill take you gladly) because you are what I can handle.

Confession: sometimes other peoples kids just annoy me…theres this kid at open gym that seriously GRINDS MY GEARS just by his pure existence and the fact that he constantly steals whatever my kid has…and ya know what…I wouldn’t be a good mom for him and that is fascinating. I know I should love all children because they are gifts, but I like mine more…and that’s just the honest, evil truth. OH SNAP I WENT THERE. 

The other night the hubs was doing the daily chore of bathing the dirty, stinky boy and I was playing peak-a-boo with missy long hair (syke, still bald, cept it’s getting kinda spikey and square and REALLY precious) and I just had this wave of gratitude wash over me. Mostly it was in a form of giggles because Luke and Pete were saying “turd” back and forth to each other in the tub, but it was there, fleeting, and it was great.


I am so thankful that my kid never stops talking…sometimes it seriously makes me crazy like when the baby just fell asleep in the car and he needs to shout out YELLOW CAR or something he just saw. And right now he is upstairs in his room saying “Amen” on repeat like a broken record…(dawwwww I know, i’m SUCH a good mom…eye roll). But like 73% of the time, it’s really funny and amazing how his mind just never stops and his mouth is on constant word drippage. I’m a bit worried for when he goes to school next fall and the teacher asks the kids to be quiet and he’s all “MONSTER TRUCKS”…but hey, he’s got some ish to say world. Listen up.


I am so thankful that Emma smiles and laughs and throat bubbles as a way to make her presence known. She will lay in her crib and giggle til she toots as she stares at her lamby mobile and the pictures above her bed. I am so thankful that she has two squishy chubby feet because when she popped out all skinny and early it was a real concern for her to be eating and getting chubby! I am so thankful that I’ve been trusted to raise her into a little lady and hopefully give her enough sass to make her interesting and not disrespectful. I sometimes wonder if I dangle a bit over that line, but SHE will ya know, be better than I.

My kids we’re made for my husband and I to nurture and bring up in this world. I truly believe they have characteristics that are designed to both make me crazy and to grow in those areas I need to while still being their own little people with their own paths that I can’t wait to watch them go on.

As Valentines day approaches and we try and teach Luke to say “I love you” on command like a parakeet to make us feel better, it’s sweet watching these two grow into little drooling tooting people. I am so happy you two have been gifted to me, you are so precious, babies of mine.


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  1. Tom Goggin says:

    Dear Lindsey, You are too cool, so amazing and so precious too. Very grateful that you are the Mommy of Luke and Emma Goggin!! Love, Pop Pop G

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