A Letter to Emma, Love Luke.

No, not mine, I don’t have a real sister, sad face, womp womp. But lucky for Luke, he does, and sometimes I like to make up what he would say to her if he actually could form a grammatically correct sentence instead of just naming everyone in his family along with his favorite noun of the moment like… “Daddy Car, Grammie Car, Mommy Car, Gracie (the dog) Car”…etc. etc. Today, I think his letter would go something like this…

Dearest Emma,

Hi, It’s me again. Big brother Luke. People around here call me lots of things, but you may call me any of the following:

1. Awesomest brother

2. Lukey, if you’re feeling lame and uncreative

3. Warrior King

4. Monster Truck Champion

5. The best toy sharer in the world (and by share I mean, my turn ALWAYS)

Take your pic, they’re all winners. Today, mom says that we are going to have to go to Target (the holy land of stay at home mommies) later because we need these things called Valentines day cards and dishwasher soap, what this really means is that you and I get to ride in the cart and I’m going to chuck all these things into your car seat as a form of entertainment. 10 points if I get you on the noise…SKIDOOSH. I’m not sure what this Valentines day thing is, but I think theres candy involved…mom keeps trying to get me to say “I love you mommy”, but I prefer to say “I love you trains”.

After that, mom will probably try and make us color something with our hands and feet. Word of advice, keep your feet and toes scrunched up nice and tight because it really makes mom CRAAZZYYY. She gets that fiery look in her eye and then she’ll give up probably and just give us popcorn so we can watch Paw Patrol like we REALLY WANTED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

I’m ready for you to start talking and playing with me more…or actually…just letting me play with you when and where I desire would be great. Oh, and don’t like get in my way of anything I want…trucks are mine…all the trucks…don’t even think about it baby. But, I find it funny to push on your tummy and get inches away from giving you your first true baby concussion…mostly because it makes mom get all huffy and puffy and it makes me laugh, give me a sign that this makes you laugh too…

I will however let you join me in my sacred ritual of mind numbing and soul lifting cuddle up tv time in mom and dads bed in the mornings, just don’t go requesting anything lame like princesses or that crazy spanish speaking Dora chick…she really rubs me the wrong way.

kidsbed1 kidsbed2 kidsbed3 kidsbed4

That’s about all I got for today young squishy crying one. I promise not to mock your tears TOO many times today, but again, it makes me laugh, and I am the ruler of this house…so I do what I want…like climbing into the kitchen sink diaper and all when she’s not looking….I’ll teach you these tricks soon young grasshopper.


Monster Truck Champion

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