Holding myself together, for them.

Yesterday, I heard a lady, Lisa Jo Baker local mommy celebrity and wonder woman, speak about looking at myself as more than “just a mom”. That thing we as moms do when we try and downplay our role, specifically if we stay at home with our kiddos. It’s something we all do and it’s a disease of stupid that we need to eradicate. GO AWAY DISEASE OF STUPID.

I do this to myself all the time. I’ve almost been unemployed, job-less, free from the MAN, for a year now. Many days, it’s an amazing feeling to know that I am a pivotal figure in my kids lives like every day, I mean every day…no vacations from mama kids!! But on those days when I wake up and I’m just not sure I can “DO IT” that day…it’s tough. Like real tough. Like oh man how am I going to survive this day without pulling every eye lash out or lashing out at the toddler because he dropped his milk againnnnnnnnnnn. Those days when the night before the baby was up 5 times and you just want to glance at the back of your eye lids for another 5 hours. Those days when your throats a bit scratchy and you want hot tea and Gilmore Girls on without interruptions from bed. Those days when you just feel selfish and run down. Those days when no matter how smiley you wanna be, you’re just grumpy and ugh. Those days when it’s hard not to feel like JUST a mom and that the world is going on without you as you’re home with the wee ones. Those days y’all….those days are hard.

But those are the days when just being there for them matter. That somehow, someway I always muster the strength and the courage to get outta bed, guzzle the coffee, and trudge into the trenches for another day of mommyhood. To serve them the cheerios and the messy yogurt because they like it. To love them when sometimes he’s just not so darn lovable. To laugh with them because he tooted and he thinks its funny. To hug him when he’s sad the car won’t go down the slide the way he wants. To be their warrior and their champion and their hero and their punching bag when they’re mad. To watch the same episodes of Blaze or Paw Patrol for the 676th time that week (oops). To teach them that hands aren’t for hitting and that tickles cure all boo boos. To be IT for them.

Somedays I don’t hold it together the best, like a lot of days, but ya know what…


I’m not alone. I’m not JUST a mama and I’m not alone.

Want this print for your home? Guess what, you can have it…soon, working on an etsy shop for y’all, check back soon!

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