Luke is “horsey” years old

This morning, I attempted to ask Luke some questions about his personal preferences and some factual information to remember the things he likes at the ripe old age of 2.

Obviously, his answers belong in a peer-reviewed journal, like the New England Journal of Medicine. Not because they’re so clever and well thought out, but because they make him look bat shi coo-coo.

Do you ever try and talk to your kids and just get responses where it makes you wonder where you have gone wrong in trying to teach your child? No? Just us? K….just like to know where I am on the spectrum over here.



My biggest concerns are coming from the “Yucky” as a response to what he wants to be when he’s older and the favorite food being “presents”…cuz that just makes no sense to anyone. I know if I asked these same questions in 30 minutes I’ll get totally different answers….which could be a good thing…or just make the situation even worse :).

Craziest thing your kids ever said to a normal question….go!

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