Family Values. Do you have any??

It’s time to get our shit in gear.

It’s 20 days into the new year and I feel like I’m just now starting to wake up to the fact that…oh yea…new year means time to get off my butt and ya know…be a better person…and all that bullshi….

Step 1 in my plan is to swear less…

Step 2 is to rethink step 1

Step 3 is to accept that sometimes I feel better when I say a “no no” word and to ACCEPT WHO I REALLY AM OK!


Family values prints are a big thing.

They’re all over pinterest and my Facebook feed…

Step 4 to a better year should be to get off Facebook…I hate it…but why can’t I quit you, DAMNIT…(go back to Step 1…)

Both kids are snooooozin away at the same time (PRAISE THE LIVING HEAVENS) so I found myself getting all thoughtful and made what is going to be our 2015 Family Values (hope the husband had no edits to this, cuz it’s already been said as a .jpg…NO GOING BACK TO .psd NOW!)…. I need help.



Seems like a good place to start.

Step 5…Actually print this and buy a frame and hang it

Step 6…don’t be mad at self if this doesn’t happen until March.

Want to be a copycat mooch and steal our values for yourself? GO on and save this lovely printable I made for y’all to your computer, print it and be really great people in 2015…that’s all it takes right? That’s what I’m counting on :).


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