Choo Choo Luke Turns Two.

My eldest is two…that’s like not old at all…that’s almost 28 years younger than me and like 14 years til driving and 16 years til he can vote and go to College, so it’s not old at all. But to me right now, it feels anciennnnttt. Specially as I sit here and watch my youngest at 3.5 months old batting away at a plastic elephant.

Luker Duker, the duke, Lukey Bear, the Lukester, Buddy boy, Bubba, Butthead (at times), Buda Belly, Carpet pee-er, Paci- snatcher, etc. etc….is two. At one he couldn’t even walk yet, barely talked, and was still flopping around most places on all fours. At two, he’s a big brother, won’t stop talking (seriously, he has a condition…he won’t stop talking ever), runs, “jumps” (cuz he hasn’t mastered the two feet leaving the ground part yet), and has no fear when it comes to big slides and climbing structures…it’s amazing.

Lukey at 1 year vs Lukey at 2 years
Lukey at 1 year vs Lukey at 2 years

He’s funny. He’s sweet. Sometimes he’s a jerk, but most of the time he’s really sweet and says adorable things like “Thank you mommy” when you give him a cracker or milk. He’s adventurous. He’s fearful of snakes and spiders. He’s in love with all things vroom vroomy like cars and trucks. Right now we are in a full blown MONSTER TRUCKS ARE GOD phase…last night we watched this video on the first monster truck Bigfoot circa de 1990 and he was in aweeeeee. Ugh…white trash much?

One year cake smash...two year cake smash, we added a bib because were classy now.
One year cake smash…two year cake smash, we added a bib because were classy now.

He loves to make pancakes and wash his hands. He loves to dig in the dirt, but doesn’t like his hands dirty. He loves to go visit the fish at the pet store, because those suckers are never coming home to our house. He makes friends fast. He loves his best friend Gracie and shows her that with love tugs and joy rides.

He’s a complex character with a love of popcorn, candy, waffles, and did I mention candy?

This year has brought loads of challenges, not just because of adding a tot to the mix, but with the big boy bed transitions, development of tantrums, tantrums and more tantrums, and now we take on a year where I have to potty train the tub peeing wonder boy….SEND HELP.

I took the easy way out with the party planning this year. A. he really doesn’t have like…friends. and B. mamas tired. and C. all he wants to do in life is swim or play and eat cake…I can do that without 5 other two year olds in tow much easier :).Pete thought it would be funny for us to say Luke had a pool party for his January birthday…so we did just that. We went to an indoor pool, let him flop around in highly chlorinated water, and then came home and had overcooked mac and cheese and cake for dinner (doh).

Happy birthday sweet Luker Duker!! Off to get some two year shots now…you’re so lucky.

luke21 luke22 luke23 luke24 luke25 luke26 luke27 luke28 luke29 luke211 luke212 luke213 luke214 luke215 luke216 luke217 luke218 luke219

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