A lesson in procrastination.

Don’t do it when it comes to the electricity in your house.



The worst.

Shoot me.

We survived.

But, UGH.


So, I have a problem with procrastination. It’s a disease. It’s an epic disease that each year I tell myself “i’m not gonna procrastinate this year”…and then I procrastinate on actually trying not to procrastinate. It’s not that I don’t get stuff done…but if theres no due date…chances are it’s still on my to-do list. Which is where “Call electrician to fix main breaker” laid for many a months…until recently.

4 months ago, our power got all wonky after we attempted to change a light in our bathroom. Turn power back on, most of the stuff didn’t work or was all flickery like a mental hospital in a horror film. We somehow got it back to full power with a lil love tappin on the box (totes safe and legit). And we forgot to…ya know…check in on that. Derp.


Flash forward to this weekend…We had a fun weekend of all things Luke would wanna do planned: french fries, play places, maybe a museum, perhaps a cupcake, ya know, fun sugary,hyperactive things. But then….that dreaded moment when your house goes dark and the tv turns off and it’s not because you rolled over onto the remote on the couch…you realize…


Ok, no biggie. It prob will come back soon. Which it did, but ours…didn’t come back enough to run the heat. It’s been 19 degrees as a high for like 3 days…WE NEED ALL THE HEAT. WE HAVE TWO BABIES AND A DOG, HEATTTTTT. WE NEED IT.


I found myself bouncing the baby and counting to 100 just so I didn’t start screaming and running around the house like Kevin McCallister when he realizes he made his family disappear.


I have a history of the dreaded passive aggressive flip out, eye glares, huffs and puffs, adult tantrums that make all situations better. But this time…I attempted to find my happy place….and basically just let Pete figure this bat-shit-crazy-awful situation out. Which he did, cuz he’s a rock star.

We kicked our friends outta their house so we could use their house for a night (syke, they offered, we’re not THAT rude). We found someone who was willing to fix our box on the weekend, for ya know, a small fortune, and here I sit in my nice warm house typing on the computer which requires…POWER. Ohhh….happy day.

If this taught me anything it was to ya know…not procrastinate especially when it comes to things that will make your life FING MISERABLE UNLESS YOU FIX IT NOWWWWWWW.

How did yall spend thus frigid weekend? Oh, not the same as us? Golf claps to you.


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