EHG ::Three Months::

Ehhhrrrmaghawwwwwddddddddd, my baby is three months old.


On one side of my brain, theres a little party going on because my baby is three months old and she has entered the beginning of the best part of babyness, but on the other side of my brain, i’m clawing at the little infant stage with all my might…STAY TINY FOREVER…but if you could just sleep AND BE TINY ….that’d be the tits.

sb4 sb3 sb5 sb8

Emma is plowing her way through her first year of life. She sleeps in the crib, she holds the head up, she spits up whenever she’s freshly cleaned, she smiles, she almost laughs, she rolls over, she kicks a lot in the tub, she has no hair, she has no teeth, she has really long eye lashes, she really likes birds and her stuffed turtle we have dubbed “daisy” (because it has a daisy on its head…my creativity is soaring these days), she doesn’t enjoy shoes, she makes her oneises looks like deep v’s because her torso is so long, she is who she is, a baby at 3 months who is oh so squishable and puh-resh-ious.

sb6 sb7 sb2 sb9 sb10 sb11 sb1

I’ll insert the cliche “OMG I CANT BELIEVE YOU ARE THREE MONTHS OLD ALREADY”, cuz that’s what we parents do, but in reality, I can believe it. Your presence is known now, you have carved your way into this family and you ain’t goin no where :). We love ya boo, now just sleep.

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