The Polar Express.

And by Polar Express, I mean the Walkersville Southern Railroad…one in the same.

This past weekend, we took the train obsessed 23 month old on a Santa Train ride up near my hometown. Now, we have been talking about this for way too long. We’d tell Luke “we’re going on a choo choo soon!” and he’d get all grinny and say “choo choo” and that was about the end of that because he obviously would forget 2 minutes later.

When the day finally arrived, I was preparing myself for the epic excitement followed by the epic meltdown that would follow once the ride was over.

LGP_3653 LGP_3674 LGP_3678

Wanna know the funny thing about “choo choo” rides and toddlers…they don’t really KNOW they are on a choo choo once they get inside. How do I know this? Because he still wanted to watch the “choo choos” on grammies phone even though we were RIDING on an ACTUAL REAL LIFE TRAIN. Ahh….the irony of it all.

LGP_3693 LGP_3698 LGP_3737

No matter, he had fun putting his sticky face all over the windows and pointing out the cows and trucks as we wooshed by at 2 mph…old trains don’t move as fast as they used to :).

LGP_3713 LGP_3741 LGP_3763

The point of this adventure though was the SANTAAAAAAAAAA. Last year, Luke wasn’t super thrilled with the fat man in the red coat…but he obliged my desire all the same. This year….with the ability to express his actual wishes…he wasn’t gonna cooperate.

Emma however was totessssss excited to meet him….snore.


Stranger in red coat is fine from a far, but don’t even think about touching me…unless you have candy…then touchage is allowed (that is soooooo wrong). We’re gonna have to work on this…”All strangers with candy are bad…unless it’s December and he’s wearing a furry red coat and has a white beard…that makes sense right? great”. “Oh one more thing, if they are dressed up as a creepy bunny around spring time…that is also ok…so big red coats and bunnies are in the APPROVED STRANGER WITH CANDY column…all others are in the I DONT WANT YOUR CANDY YOU CREEPO column.”

LGP_3798 LGP_3805 LGP_3815

That’s easy to understand….cough.

Not leaving without a fight…gotta admire the dedication.


We continued the day of pre-car transportation with the annual Christmas Carriage ride through downtown Frederick. Again…child wasn’t interested in actually RIDING on the carriage he just wanted to watch the horses of the carriage BEHIND us.

LGP_3859 LGP_3862

Meh, hopefully that means when he’s older he won’t actually enjoying disobeying his parents, but just watching the kids around him do it…it’s a loose connection, BUT IM MAKING IT.

8 Days til Christmas…are y’all ready? Yea…me neither :).

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