My kid wont stop swearing.

It’s a genuine swearfest up in these parts these days. Unintentional trailer trash talk, but sloppy lispy toddler talk nonetheless.

Part of it is kinda our fault…the rest is just coincidence.

Luke says about 3-4 new words a day on average. Some of these phrases are cute like shouting at Gracie to “COME ON” when she sits and stares at you instead of coming inside. Wonder where he picked that one up…

Some of them are funny ones that he repeats to himself 1200 times like “awww beep beep” or “blue truck…”. Seems harmless, right?

Except it doesn’t sound like truck…

"Look at the fun F***S"-  Luke
“Look at the fun F***S”- Luke

It sounds like “blue F***”. And when the truck falls on the ground, when he thinks he’s crying out TRUCK…he’s really saying…F***!! (I genuinely couldn’t help but laugh at this one).



This also applies to Duck. “Quack quack F***”…bath time with the rubber duck is basically happy hour at the truck stop.

And then theres “shirt”, but ya know…R’s are hard…so…yea.

I dropped something on the ground one morning, said the word under my breath and my own personal canary hopped right in singing “oh sh*t” for the next 10 minutes…”NO NO MOMMY SAID OH SHIRT!!”. Im F’d.

Hell be the kid on the playground shouting ” LOOK MOMMY A TRASH F***”…or “I GOT DIRT ON MY SH*T”….snort.

Because I’m so refined…I still find it hilarious…but the day the first letter from the teacher comes home, subject line: Lukes Sailor Mouth…ill probably frame it and put it on the wall.

Oh the joys.

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