EHG ::Two Months::

I blinked and you’re two months old. It’s a really long, sleep deprived blink, but a blink all the same. Emma has spent the last month porking up like miss piggy at a buffet… I think she gained so much because she holds her poopies for 2-3 days at a time and only lets them out when she knows I have to sit and smell it for at least 15 minutes…shes so giving. I joked last month that she had had no blowouts yet…welp…there is an outfit living in onesie laundry purgatory following one epic event that needs to be forgotten. RIP pretty floral outfit.


Homegirl is giving me the run around at night. I know shes a peanut, but when Ive seen you sleep for 7 hours and then you go back to every 3, its like a baby middle finger to the soul. ZzzzzZzzzZzzzzzzzzz NEED SLEEPIESSSS. You’re lucky your cute and have an adorable lil smile…

Speaking of smiles. I love that we’ve figured out how to do it. Bye bye baby lump phase, hello personality and adorable baby phase, I have been waiting for YOU.

This month was filled with family, food, and maybe your first head injury…or 5…the worst of it coming from a toy to the head incident that caused your first real life boo boo…sniff.

Here are some snippets of the second month happenings, you are a delight and everybody lurves youuuu.

ehgsb1 ehgsb2 ehgsb3 ehgsb4 ehgsb5 ehgsb6 ehgsb7 ehgsb8




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