The battle of the cereal.

From the moment breakfast is over, I fight with Luke about stealing cereal boxes and chowing down with his sticky chubby fingers until he goes to bed. Kid goes apeshit over some grained goodness.

He’ll climb up three levels of shelves to get to the glorious box of Crunchy Raisin Bran and somehow crawl back down with the box in tow. We then go and dump the contents out onto the couch…or just run around the house holding the box, laughing and having a gay ole time. Curse you box of crunchy frustrations. CURSEEEEEEEE.

I feel as if I can’t let him snack allllll day long right? Thats how we get tubby kids with “glandular problems”.

But short of nailing the pantry shut with the worlds toughest nail or putting a giant spider in the box to deter him…I’m at a loss.

I like cereal…I get where you’re coming from…it’s good ish, but before I punt you out the window because you ignored me for the 13,654 time that day…ixnay with the box aiiighttttt.

look at the innocence...what a joke.
look at the innocence…what a joke.

Or you’re getting checked into the Kellogg Rehab Facility with the rest of the Lucky Charm and Captain Crunch addicts…IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?!

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