EHG ::1 Month Old::

My supposed 2 week old is one month old. Uno meses. ONE MONTH.

That means halfway through the dreaded 2 month newborn haze that keeps you glued to the keurig and clinging to 8:30 bedtimes. Phew…

As much as I’m TRYING to not wish away the days and make this next month zoomie zoom on by so I can get some actual smiles, coos, and life into this lil peanut…I kinda can’t wait (oh yea, I said it).

I love newborns, they snuggle, they make funny noise, they do fun wiggly things and squinchy looks with their faces. But they are lumps on logs, like raisins on peanut butter on celery. My lump is a little more lively because she is a lump with a voice box that goes “grunt grunt grunt erggggghhhhhhh fart” every 5 minutes :). It’ll be on the shelfs at Christmas…back section of Walmart…go find it.



She’s doing great though.

She eats well, she poops well (obvi), she just started spitting up…so thats fun. Her brother things shes the greatest thing since mac and cheese and french fries. She’s easily portable, sleeps pretty well, and for the most part, unless shes in one of her moods, a pinky finger is not available, or she’s hungry, you just don’t know she’s around…cuz you’re too busy making sure big brother isn’t plunging himself from the window or hurling a truck at mirror or something.

The big crib transition is upon me…I have visions of this one sleeping better and earlier than big brother “I wanna eat all the milk all the time”…please oh please sleep gods…sprinkle the fairy dust into the window near the back of the house where the trees from our neighbors yard scratch the window because they are too lazy to trim them…you can’t miss it :).

“I woke up like this…”

LGP_6987 LGP_7032

Lookie at that teeny lil monogrammmed baby bootie….:)

And cuz I’m a giving person on this fine fall Monday, here’s a collection of a bunch of photos I’ve been hoarding to myself (read: have had no time to blog about and I be lazy).

Off to do things like not work out after eating Halloween candy. Happy Monday!






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