Someone hit our mailbox.

It was a little old black lady with a brace on her foot…She came to my door and was all “I accidentily hit your mailbox because I was trying to avoid the trash truck”….

Mmmm. k?

What do you do in that situation?!

I clearly did the wrong thing, because I just told her it was fine and sent her on her hippity hoppity all bum footed way. Her mirror was busted, that seemed way worse than my really old and cruddy mailbox.

But apparently, I shoulda gotten the info so we could ya know…have her pay for it instead of like…us.


Life lesson.

Person hits mailbox, get persons info, even if they are old and sweet looking, so that you don’t have to ghetto-fy your mailbox with a big yellow rope and cement block until you can fix it. Don’t come by our house and be judgey…it’s not out fault…THE OLD LADY DID IT.

In other news…

Life with 2…is a lesson in just getting by.

It’s not just 2x as hard…it’s like 800x as hard.

Getting outta the house? Psht, forget about it.

Feeding one when the other is ALSO hungry? Ha…try again tomorrow.

Managing the volume level of a 21 month old while the 2.5 week old is sleeping…HAAAA. You can’t manage it in Target when he screams “NO” at the person stocking the shelves…what makes you think you can do it at home? Silly you.

Besides the fact that I feel super guilty about the amount of TV someone may be watching (please don’t judge…it’s all I can do to entertain him while trying to feed, tiny, sleepy thing…I’m judging myself enough for the world…but I have to thank Nick Jr. for releasing that new monster machine cartoon right as I need serious entertainment…there is a God)…there are lessons in these shows some places…(groan).

Keep checking in on me world, I may be in the corner in the fetal position hugging my busted mailbox and praying for a nanny-robot to show up…I’d even take a self-cleaning vacuum at this point, ANYTHING WILL DO.

week2a week2b

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