It’s true. I swear I’m not lying.

3 weeks to go. I’m not lying either. People look at me like I have 15 heads when I tell them I’m due in three weeks…that is correct world…as your lives went swimmingly by, i’ve been incubating a very slow cooking girly baby quietly by myself over here in the corner.

It’s not just ya know the general public, everyone seems to forget I’m due really soon…including my doctors office. Who when going through and scheduling my last few weekly appointments kept trying to schedule me dates into November…look on the chart…Oct 20th…scheduled…9am…no more appointments pleaseeeeeee.

I feel larger this time around only because I feel like she has no more room. I literally feel like she’s going to kick me in the throat sometimes because she is just squished for square footage. It’s really doing a number on my posture…cuz now I have to sit up straight…who wants that?! #tallpeopleslouch

Am I actually bigger though? Eh, I dunno, I think it’s about the same, I went back to look at a 37 week pic of me with Luke on the inside for a lil comparison…

comparison 37 weeks


Either way you look at it…theres a watermelon under there and that watermelon has ninja kicking and punching skills like none other…

There’s a big basket of clothes to wash…a bag to pack…a brain to calm down…some costco trips to stock up on food…and a 20 month old to some how mentally prep for the arrival of the baby that lives under moms clothes…(cuz thats what he knows it as…you ask him where the baby is and he starts to lift up every article of clothing possible to try and dig at my skin…its sweet) all in the next 3 weeks.

Sup toes...i'll see you again soon...misss youuu, kisses.
Sup toes…i’ll see you again soon…misss youuu, kisses.
Wash, hang,
Wash, hang, fold…boo.


She's got some tinyyyyy shoes to fill :)
She’s got some tinyyyyy shoes to fill šŸ™‚

LGP_0388 LGP_0389

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