Welcome to Soccer Bugs.

When thinking about managing a toddler and an infant during the upcoming cold months, I started thinking to myself…”where oh where can I send him to burn off energy”… I’ve been going around to a bunch of places in NOVA looking for the best “indoor sweat inducing nap creating tiring out spot” for the kid (that’s the technical term). I’ve found a bunch of good spots, but when the advertisement for Soccer Bugs came through on my Facebook (good going Facebook, one of your ads actually worked….#zuckerburgforthesoccerwin), it was like…a light shining down from the heavens.

Internal Monologue: “Wait…I can sign him up for this…and for 12 Saturday mornings, there will be a place where either Peter or I can take him where he can run…kick balls…play with kids…and it has a cute name like SOCCER BUGS?!” “WHERES MY CREDIT CARD”….side note, I also thought he got a jersey with the fee…no jersey…costs extra…but the idea of him in a jersey was enough to seal the deal.

We’ve been to two classes already. I gotta say…I am such a fun. Truly. A fan. SOCCER BUGS IS THE SHIZ.

They start the class off with bubbles…and if you know my kid…bubbles are the tits. Immense joy creating orbs of soap.

Then they run back and forth across the big soccer field about 100 times doing animal walks (educational and exhausting, SHWING). We practice at home…and he does it…and then we get to class and he’s all “I dont remember doing these “eagle wing runs” you speak of…don’t embarrass me”. Yes, you heard me, I said we practice at home….LAY OFF IT.

Then they do this thing where they tell the kid to stack soccer cones and my kid is the BOMB DIGGITY AT THIS. Other kids walk around with the cones all humpty dumpty like not knowing which ends up or down…and then over here in the corner is my kid making structurally sound cone towers that just dominate the room. He makes about 33 of them until the coaches make them clean up or knock them down with soccer balls.

The one part we “struggle” with is…kicking the ball…which is a main component of soccer, I know. See, he finds the efficiency of carrying the ball and then running it into the goal more enticing. I can’t blame him for that…but hopefully by the end of the session we’ll know how to kick instead of just saying “kick” while running himself with the ball into the goal.

Gotta hydrate...don't wanna cramp up during animal sprints.
Gotta hydrate…don’t wanna cramp up during animal sprints.

soccerbugs2 soccerbugs3

See these things kids, they're bubbles, I shall pop them for you.
See these things kids, they’re bubbles, I shall pop them for you.
Creative and dedicated.
Creative and dedicated.

soccerbugs7 soccerbugs8

Energy tank drained. Huzzah.
Energy tank drained. Huzzah.

By the end, he’s done. Sometimes he’s happy to see the parachute and balloons at the end, and other times he’s the kid in the middle crying to get off. It’s a toss up.

Either way, our little Soccer Ant is rocking his entrance into the world of organized sports, and I along with the rest of the yuppie parents in NOVA are enjoying chasing them around taking pictures to show to gramma and grampa.


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