7 Tips for Transitioning Your Child to a Toddler Bed….The Honest Truth

It’s been 4 nights of non-crib sleeping success. Sometimes he just sits in the bed and stares at the monitor all creepy like…but if you go in and lay him down…off to dream land. Seeing as how I’m an expert on this now (psht, snort)… i thought I’d share our process for getting the kid to sleep, stay, and be cool in the bed.

"You see this, I always need this. ALWAYS"
“You see this, I always need this. ALWAYS”

1. Start transitioning their stuff to the new room so that you have to go to two rooms to find things. 

It’s a real time saver, I tell ya. I started moving Luke’s stuff over to the new room as soon as it was painted and furniture was arranged, thinking it would help him want to transition out of the old room if he noticed how pink and girly it had gotten…also because I was needing a place to hang the new baby clothes…so, out with the Luke clothes into the new big closet. Seeing as we still only have one changing table, this makes getting dress real fun. “Oh where are your shoes…blast…other G.D. room…..Oh crap, you just smeared poop on this shirt…stay on this high surface and don’t fall off while I run to the other room to get a new shirt”…PRODUCTIVE AND SAFE.

2. Buy boring bed that goes with the theme you like and then give in and realize that the Sesame Street sheets you find at Target are what he wanted all along.

I originally just got Luke red and blue sheets from Ikea (HIGH ROLLIN). They went with my vision of a perfectly preppy red, white, and blue room that ya know, would stay clean and grace the pages of Pinterest and Pottery Barn. Realizing these were not enticing enough, we upgraded to the over the top Sesame Street sheets that have big faces of characters and letters and numbers…so he can learn through osmosis when his eye lids are closed…duh.

3. Pick a date to transition…and then if you change your mind…eh…pick another date aka PROCRASTINATE.

All those sites that say pick a date and stick to it…PSHT. I originally picked September 1…and then the night came and I was tired and wanted him to sleep so I could sleep…sometimes…it’s ok to be wish washy…specially when 8 months pregnant, tired, and know what the kids like when he doesn’t sleep well. YOU DO YOU GIRL.


4. Confuse the kid by going from crib to bed a lot of times.

Our original plan was to let Luke fall asleep in the crib and then when he was all loopy and zonked out, we’d move him to the bed so that he was ya know…technically “sleeping in the bed”…resulting in high fives and dances of joy. Well this worked great the first night…Ok, the second night and by the third night it was a horrific disaster that resulted in no one sleeping and him going back into the cage of sleep comfort and peace.

5. Stay in the room with them til they fall asleep…unless all they do is poke you in the eyes and talk to you…then get the F outta there.

On the third night of horror, Luke actually fell asleep in the bed…we thought we made it happen…we were in the cleared….zip forward to 10:30 and dude is AWAKKKEEEEEE and T.O’d. “WHY AM I NOT IN MY CRIB PEOPLE…THIS PLACE IS TORTURE”. We tried everything. Putting him back in the bed, leaving swiftly. Staying for a bit for a cuddle…and then scooting out. Laying on the floor. Laying in the bed. Hanging by my neck in the corner. EVERYTHING. 4 hours later, we gave up and put him in the crib and salvage what few hours of sleep you can get because home boy is NOT gonna give up.

6. Give up, alot.

We took a lot of “hiatuses”. We took a week off after the first crapshoot night of failure. We went back to the crib and enjoyed the solace of peaceful sleep. I’d randomly try a nap here or there and realize, psht…I wanna watch my DVR, TO THE CRIB. I got to the point where the only thought that went through my head was Benadryl and handcuffs…I figured that was a negative head space to be in.

7. Try one more time and pray.

Basically, this is what happened. He just stayed…in the bed…and then he fell asleep…and then he stayed asleep…and then in the morning when we went to get him, HE WAS JUST SITTING IN THE BED WAITING FOR US. Now, he still does this. It’s a miracle from the sleep gods. I have no clue what we did right, cuz it looks like we did everything wrong. But somehow…after all our horrible attempts and botched tries…HE DOES IT. I wrap him up in his plethora of baby blankets, surround him with stuffed animals, and make sure there are no less than 5 paci’s within reach and scurry out the door and the kid sleeps.


Stay tuned for my upcoming book ” Things i’ve messed up that worked anyways, WINNING”.




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