“Do y’all have a name?”

Oh me? Yea, I have a name, it’s Lindsey. I actually have 4 of them because I’m selfish and didn’t want to give up any when I got married…oh…you meant for the baby…uh. Lemme get back to you on that….

Is there anything more challenging than picking a name for another human being? Ya know, being all responsible for any and all future playground teasing because the name may rhyme with whatever funny word 6 year olds are laughing at that week. Or picking one that makes them come across as snooty before you even get to know them ( apparently, these are the names I’m drawn too…who knew). Or ya know, picking a name that 8,000 other people have and would make your kid have to be known as their name plus a number or something like that…

I’m pretty sure it was this hard when naming Luke. But I don’t recall having weird dreams about the name game like I did last night…

So, my dream last night y’all….epic and strange.

I had a dream last night that we had the baby and the Duggars kinda came in and took over and told us that we needed to name the baby Josefine because it started with a “J” and we all know how excited they are over THAT letter. I wonder if they have any and all episodes of Sesame Street with a focus on the letter “J” on scan disk or something (obvi no DVD players in that joint)…I obviously have been watching too much of the “Dishing with the Duggars” that has been airing on TLC for like the last month (it’s on from 1-3 everyday on TLC if interested…climb on board the Duggar express and you too can have loopey Duggar dreams too).

We’re not naming the baby Josefine. Even if Michelle Duggar herself was here to tell me to do it in her sweet ole southern voice…but what are we naming the baby?

Uh, Baby Goggin version 2? I dunno. If you’d asked me 2 months ago I may have had an answer, now I do not.

But in other news, the bed transition is going horribly and I’ve basically decided Luke will be the only college kid who still sleeps in the “Cage of Contentment” known as a crib.

Please mother...let me stay.
Please mother…let me stay.
"I don't care if there are girl things around me...this thing...is mine."
“I don’t care if there are girl things around me…this thing…is mine.”

Handcuffs are frowned up right?….right…that’s a dumb idea. Who would ever think of such a thing…

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