Can you tell me how to get…

…How to get to Sesame Place?

Sure, drive up 95 north, and bam, it’s on the right.

We took tiny tot to his first theme park…at 19 months old…yes, we did.

We didn’t go alone though, we took 4 additional handy helpers in the form of grandparents along with us to help soften the blow of the craziness.

Basically, Sesame Place is a miniature (and I say that strongly because the place is not that big) version of Sesame Street with some rides, water slides, character shows, and overpriced mac and cheese ($9 if you’re curious). Adorably perfect for a near 2 year old kid with a love of all things that go and are fluffy.

It rained on us all morning…not just like…sprinkled…it rained. I got over my “THIS DAY IS SUPPOSE TO BE PERFECT WHY IS IT RAINING” ‘tude…and sucked it up. Luke didn’t seem to care…why should I…(I still cared a little…cuz I’m annoying like that).

spsb1 spsb2


We did almost every ride that I didn’t think Luke would fly out of leading to his ultimate demise at Sesame Street, which was actually a lot. Props to you Sesame Place for looking out for the tiniest tots. Even though you could barely see his tiny head about most of the seats, he had the bestttttttt time whirling around…until the ride stopped…then it was no fun for anyone.


spsb4 spsb5 spsb6


Thankfully, the rain finally stopped after lunch just as someone was entering ‘I haven’t slept in 6 hours, it’s maybe about to get ugly unless you entertain me’ phase of the day. SO, we snuggled up to Oscar (he didn’t stink surprisingly)…which we weren’t too sure of until he asked us to give him a high five…that makes him ok.


And rode everything we could until the oh so thrilling parade started.


Not happy it's over...the baby...not Pap.
Not happy it’s over…the baby…not Pap.


Which…unless you pay $25 to eat with Big Bird…is the ONLY TIME YOU GET TO ACTUALLY SEE HIM. WHY ARE YOU HIDING BIG BIRD!?!?! AND GROVER?? AND ELMO?? And ya know…the furry things you really want to see….pshttttttttttt. Booooo. Hisssssss. GIMME THE BIRD DAMNIT.

spsb10 spsb11 spsb12


All in all. A solid day. A good introduction to the insanity that is kids theme parks…I can’t even IMAGINE what it’s going to be like when we actual tackle the mega beast that is Disney World…I’m sure there will be annoying people there kicking me in the back because THEY didn’t get good spots at the parade like we did and were all up in my grill…PLAN AHEAD PEOPLE. PLAN. AHEAD. #ihateyou

Til next time!


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