So. It’s the end of July….somehow that happened.

Baby 2.0 is scheduled for eviction Oct 20…

Meaning I have approximately 3 ish months to get tiny tot Goggin number 1 to sleep in lovely new big kid bed he now has in his in-progress big kid room…

The little "helper"
The little “helper”


Sorry pup...
Sorry pup…

As of right now…he thinks its a fun trampoline he only “pretends” to sleep in…aka puts head down on bed puffs out lips, makes snore noises, sits up and giggles.

"I sleep here??"
“I sleep here??”

LGP_4058 LGP_4079 LGP_4080 LGP_4087 LGP_4092

The internet tells me it can be a challenge to get them to actually sleep in these things since now he has freedom to …escape. Thanks for the confidence internet. Hate you.

After one attempt at nap time yesterday…I’m thinking this lil adventure may take me all of the remaining time we have before girly goggin makes her entrance.

Since it’s illegal to ya know…”strap” them into it…any pointers besides the obvious “just keep putting them back into the bed”, “dont give up”, “theyll get it eventually”, blah blah?

Think he's attached to this cage of sleep...
Think he’s attached to this cage of sleep…


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  1. Maggie says:

    Patience. Lots and lots of patience. If he still isn’t sleeping in his bed after the great eviction I change my recommendation to wine.

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