My kids has herpes.

Luke has this nasty rash thing….it  looks like he’s been spending too many weekends on the street corner of the red light district…that sounds grotesque and awful that I’m comparing a toddler disease to something that trashy…but seriously…it’s dis.gus.ting. It’s not really herpes, but it looks like herpes…it’s in the same family as herpes…it’s mortifying yes, but apparently common…EW. GO AWAY.

Some tiny cherub brought it to the church nursery and well…the rest is history, plaguing our week with red blistery spots…on his mouth, hands, feet, knees, and a vicious patch on his perfectly plump butt…its heart breaking. Dear icky red spots, vacate my kids skin please. I’d like to join the land of the living soon.

To help myself feel better, I’m looking at pictures of what he looked like a week before the viral bumps invaded our lives…

LGP_2901 LGP_2936 LGP_2946 LGP_2964 LGP_2999 LGP_3014


See you soon perfect baby skin….see you soon.

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