I gave a speech. I didn’t bomb. Hallelujah. PTL.

“Another one bites the dust”, why do we say that? I could google it…but I’m hoping someone will just tell me after reading this…someone do that :).

My friend Meghan aka “Bote” got married a few weeks ago, woo wooooo! Get it girl.

I love me a good wedding, specially one of a sweet friend whose marrying a guy she is gaga over surrounded by lotsa good people. Oh and cake…when you can’t drink…it’s all about the dessert table. it’s the little things.

I however was about 8 million times nervous for this wedding because silly Meg asked me to be her Matron (aka old version) of Honor…meaning I had to give a speech…in public…gulp. Oh and also that my dress wouldn’t fit…being 20 weeks preg and having to wear a dress that fit you perfectly when you were..NOT 20 weeks preg…is nerve wracking…but let’s just say it fit…the fish and eye hook thing may have popped…but it fit…YES.


I recruited lotsa people for ideas, insight, help, begged people to write it or say it for me, but in the end… I had to do it myself…and I did…without fainting or choking…hooray to me.

I took the humorous route (shocker) and the best man took the sentimental route…guess which one went over better…psht…people :). Syke, people laughed with me…I’m telling myself it wasn’t AT me, but with me….right?!

Lucky for me, no videos of this exist, so you just get to trust I didn’t put my foot in my mouth or say a dirty word like I did when I gave a speech about Titanic in 7th grade in front of my class…true story. You get to guess which word…:)

I had the best time being Meg’s MOH. Aside from the nervous butterflies, it was really sweet to literally stand NEXT to me sweet friend of 15 years as she married the man her heart was made for on a lovely day in June at Lost Creek Vineyard in Virginia.

Thanks for letting me a part of your special day.

Congrats to the newest Mr.and Mrs…now…have kiddos (yup, Im that person that demands kids following weddings…my kids need friends!!)

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