Cozy Coupe Rehab.


My kid needs to go there.

Is there such a place?

He has ISSUES.

Take my car...I end you.
Take my car…I end you.

We picked up (by we I mean grammie and pap), a cozy coupe at a consignment sale on Friday… sweet deal, like 50% off. Missing some stickers…but he managed to rip off the one remaining sticker on it anyways already so…he clearly doesn’t miss them. He had his first ride at grammie and paps on Friday afternoon…we had to put the car in our car to take it home…he cried all the way home…because he wasn’t in THAT car….the big human sized car just isn’t fascinating enough.

We rode it basically all night that night…

He rode, played, pushed, it all day on Saturday…

Yesterday…several hours again.

We have to hide it.

He sees it. He wants it.

You take him outta it…he’s f-ing PISSED OFF.

Never…in my life…have I loved something that much…I don’t think…

He’d sleep in it I think if we let him.

Someone needs to create a AA chip for CC obsessed kids…”30 minutes sans-car”…”1 hour sans-car”…”1 whole day sans-car” …that ones a gold chip.

So, if you drive by our hood…we’re probably outside pushing the lil tyke around in the plastic car up…and down…the driveway…a thousand times…\

Come save us.


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