She said “I Do”.

My darling friend Jo got married this weekend in Chicago. It was a bit surreal. I feel like this wedding has been a topic of conversation for years and years and it was FINALLY here. Like seriously here, not just hypothetically here.

It was so great…besides being about 20 degrees outside…it was beautiful. Our hostess with the mostess Kelly put us up for the weekend and made sure my stomach was filled with the finest midwest food possible…I think i’m still digesting that extra large sandwich with french fries on it…oof.

This being my 5th time to Chi town and Pete’s first time, we did the things ya do when you go to a new city. You walk. We walked until we needed to buy me sandals because my shoes were upset with my feet. We saw the bean. We went to the top of the Hancock building. We ate food, including deep dish from giordanos….drool. And then, we went to bed at 9:30….so cool (hey, we got up at 5am that morning…so…its fine).

The next morning, I tagged along to sit back and watch Jo get ready for HER day. I love the morning of weddings. People just sit around getting pretty, drinking champagne, eating, chatting, talking about the couple and fun stories, it’s great. Before the craziness of pictures and waiting and ceremonies and receptions, its just people, it’s my fav. I was so happy to just be there for those few hours and try and not get in the way :).

I have no pictures of the actual wedding or reception because there were 2 highly capable photographers there that took care of that way better than I ever could…but these are enough to help me remember this day, fo-ev-a.

Congrats to the newlyweds, when can we all play together again soon?!

LGP_9037 LGP_9039 LGP_9041

Oh look, its us!
Oh look, its us!

LGP_9054 LGP_9061 LGP_9063 LGP_9069


LGP_9078 LGP_9079 LGP_9084 LGP_9086 LGP_9092 LGP_9093 LGP_9095 LGP_9101 LGP_9103 LGP_9109 LGP_9111 LGP_9113

Good hair.
Good hair.

LGP_9134 LGP_9139 LGP_9142 LGP_9147 LGP_9155 LGP_9156 LGP_9158

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