Things that are true…

1. If there is easter candy in the house I will not just eat it casually…I will devour an entire bag in no less than 2 sittings. I demolished a bag of candy pretzel eggs before I even blinked an eye…I also demolished 4 mini snickers before I even put Luke down for his morning nap…I..Have..ISSUES.

and 2.My kid and crowds are not friends.

We took Luke to an easter egg hunt in our town on Saturday, thinking, hey lovely day, its nice out, its festive, he likes to pick things up and put them in baskets…what could go wrong…

Psht. Stupid parents.

We would put Luke down…he’d scurry to cling to a leg. We’d put Luke down…arms up screaming “pick me up people im little”. We’d put Luke down and he’d scurry over to climb back up into the safety of his stroller…the fun of picking up colorful eggs was no longer there…all homeboy wanted to do was sit in the comfort of his stroller high and above all the other tiny minions.

LGP_7889 LGP_7896 LGP_7902 LGP_7905 LGP_7907

Well being the pushy people that we are…we made him attempt to pick up some eggs anyways. I tell ya what…these things…are intense.

LGP_7909 LGP_7913 LGP_7915 LGP_7928 LGP_7935 LGP_7947 LGP_7964 LGP_7966

he’s just so thrilled to be here…
no more eggs....jerks.
no more eggs….jerks.

Note to self for next year, get in front of the pack of wild egg hunting animals because otherwise…no more eggs for you…nope. Who knew tiny eggs filled with stickers that don’t really stick were so enticing. We got like 5…we’ll count it a win.


Oh, then we attempted the easter bunny…ha…


His hatred of groups was proven again today when I attempted to take him to a baby gym class and all he wanted to do was crawl into the corner of a tree house and play with the steering wheel…where did this shy kid come from? Oh me? Darn it. Sorry kid. Hopefully you’ll be able to order a pizza without your moms fear of talking on the phone…ha….

Welp, if nothing else. He looked cute as a button and these plastic eggs are still entertaining for him…maybe next year we won’t be scared of big humans in bunny costumes…maybe…probably not…but maybe.



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