Well Yipee.

Ya know…I was starting to think it was never going to happen. He was going to be one of those kids that you hear about not walking til they were like… I dunno…5. They’d be a perfectly normal kid who was just content scooting along life on their hands and knees. I mean…no risk of falling…close to things like dirt and worms…when people drop things, you get first stab at grabbing it…besides the occasional foot on finger situation, it’s probably not terrible. I was convincing myself…this wouldn’t be the end of his life.

But it happened.

We walked.



Was I here to see it? Oh no, course not. I only spend about 24 hours a day with the kid, why on earth would he bless me with the present of watching him walk for the first time…he gave that gift to dad, which is great and lovely, because then I got the ” you need to get home ASAP” call thinking Luke put his finger in an electric socket or something, but no…he was just walking…doing laps around the kitchen all frankenstein like like it was his job that he just started at that Tuesday evening.


This kid.

He started out only walking in one room… then he went to the kitchen. It took a few days for him to walk before dinner time (he’s picky), but we are getting into the groove of it. We still walk like we have no joints and have bolts in our neck, but progress is progress, and soon we’ll probably be running circles around me and the dog…and I’ll look back at the days of his crawling and smack myself with that “what were you thinking wishing this on yourself” aggression… :).



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