Mother Nature is seriously PMSing this winter.

What did we do to this woman? Is she mad at me for not recycling enough? I promise…I’ll change. I’ll stop using paper towels so much, or I’ll try and recycle more…or I’ll make sure I turn all the lights off in the house…just please… NO. MORE. SNOW. ( I will not switch to cloth diapering though…so if thats what it takes….you win.)

We fools on the east coast just got hit with roughly 12 inches of snow yesterday….TWELVE. Now, this isn’t nearly as much as we got circa de 2009, but it’s the most we’ve had in totes forever, and I am TOTES OVER IT…it’s only February…somebody just knock me out ’til my birthday in April k?


Just like that.

Boom. Out. Done.

The only person who enjoyed this lil festivity of mother natures frigid bitchness was the dog…meaning a day of brushing snowball dingle berries out of her fur…


C.P.W. made me go on a snow walk instead of just shlumming it on the couch…

LGP_2519 LGP_2521 LGP_2523 LGP_2529 LGP_2533 LGP_2538 LGP_2542 LGP_2547 LGP_2548 LGP_2550 LGP_2560 LGP_2569 LGP_2571

Seriously, Winter…waving the white flag…I’m done.



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