I believe there has been a mistake…

…someone has replaced my sweet, loving, giggly child with a head spinning nutcracker on 2 legs.


“I love my child, I love my child, I love my child, You are a blessing, You are a blessing, you are a blessing…”

That was the mantra I kept saying to myself as my kid screamed and wailed nearly the entire weekend.


Yesterday, I said that thing out loud you’re probably not spose to say…

“I can’t wait for bedtime tonight…”

download (3)

Meaning, I can’t wait til this little pile of squish goes to bed and I don’t have to do any mothering until tomorrow morning, bed time may have been bumped from 7pm to 6:40…oops.

What am I an animal?!

original (1)

Luke has had a combination of a cold, new dinosaur fangs (they must be that big for the insanity they are causing), post shots hangover, and general “bad mood, i have everyone” disorder for the past few days. Making him one bundle of glorious sunshine to be around…I would like my other kid back, like now….NOW!

I kept having to remind myself…its the tooth, it’s not you…it’s the snot shooting outta his nose…it’s not you…it’s the cough, it’s not you…It isn’t me right?! Lord. Homeboy be moodier than a dumped biyah after a rose ceremony on the bachelor.

If we don’t emerge into the land of the living in the next few days. Send back up…in the form of a giant bottle of riesling, chick fil a, and a 60 minute time slot to watch last nights Downton please…

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