My Fave Mom Instragram Idols

There’s lotsa chat these days about the anti-Facebook movement. People are leaving in high numbers, high schoolers could care less about it, google + is the way of the future, and Instagram and Twitter are here to stay. I confess, I am probably on instagram 10x more than any of the above, it’s where I post the most pictures, and interact the most. I am an insta-holic.

I’m always looking for new and interesting people to follow. Have a cute kid that you do cool things with? Yea, I’ma follow you. Post pics of a dog and a baby? Oh yea, you’re on the list. Post pics of coffee mug but it makes me want to jump in there and drink it with ya? ON THE LIST. Post constant feel good quotes with pictures of waterfalls? I’ll probably follow you for a week, then get over it because you make me have to pee everytime I see your posts.

I compiled a list of my current top 5 fav mom-instagram accounts. These guys take lovely pictures, have really funny captions, and just make me smile.


5. Mommasgonecity

Ok, the pics of her son and the tiny puppy sleeping all the time? How can you not love. I am a little peeved that Gracie couldn’t have done this for me, gotten me a book deal, on GMA, and all that jazz…I mean my dog and kid are cute too, but she’s too darn fat and Lukes too darn squiggly to sleep peacefully like that everyday…I’ll just stick to oogling at this sweet puppy brother couple day in and day out.

4. thedoeorthedeer

Her elf on the shelf posts during the holidays were HIGH-larious. She posed the elf like walter white…walter white people…walter white…Her pics are beautiful, her style is simple, I dig her.

3. sesameellis

A commercial and family photographer in Australia. She’s an ex-pat who lives in Australia with her husband and three precious kids (1 set of fraternal boy/girl twins). Her pictures are amazing…AMAZING. I want to be this woman. She is actually the aunt of a good friend from high schools wife and I met her at their wedding, but had NO clue who/what she did with her life…immediately kicked myself after realizing she was my australian idol and I know that’s creepy…but either way, I always look forward to her stuff! When I was nursing in the middle of the night she always had something new and great for me in the middle of the night!


I have no clue how I found this mom, but somehow I did, and I’ve never looked back. I have no clue really why she’s popular, I gather shes an event planner in Florida, but her little boy Tucker is about 2 weeks older than Luke and is just the cutest darn thing. I get a bit of an inferiority complex, because he’s only 2 weeks older, but always seems to reach milestones like a month before Luke, but either way, the designs, photos, and pretty things she posts are great.

And my number one….






1. jennyandteets2

Hands down, my number one person on social media right now. She just wrote a new book and I am salivating waiting for it to come out. She’s married to Jason Biggs (American Pie fame and the husband to Piper in OITNB) is pregnant and about to pop, and has a funny poodle type dog. I laugh at everything she posts. EVERYTHING.

Honorable mention:

If I had a 6th it would be @mspinkmonster. Natasha is Kane, from the Kane shows, wife and is always posting cute pics of her wild girls, fun crafts (which Ill never do), and they recently got a dog so ya know…obviously I love that.


What are your favorites? SHARE WITH ME! 🙂

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura says:

    I am obsessed with Mommasgoncity too. I simply love the ‘boy and his dog’ thing. Gah! Too sweet! I just keep thinking one day I’ll capture the same shots too.

  2. Veronica Lee says:

    Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

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