Learning to walk….sucks.

There are moments in this world of parenting that you just think to yourself…”I could help…but I’m not gonna”.

Last night was one of those nights.

Luke is learning to walk. And by that I mean he is attempting to move around the world without looking like a sloth on crack.


He has a collection of these walking toys that he uses to annoy the dog and make a lot of noise while moving on 2 feet. Normally, he walks about 2-3 times with these things before giving up and going to play with the tiny leaf in the corner.

But not last night, no sir.

Determination set in.

After dinner, we walked one way…and then another way…and then back that way…and turned around and did it again…for about 15 minutes…and then…this no longer became a game to him. Any barrier or apparent stopping point was the devil and must be crushed…or just something you should cry about and throw a tantrum over.

I thought…”hmm, I could stop, help him, and he’d be on his merry way…or I could see if he could figure it out on his own…or I could grab the video camera and document this to show his first homecoming date…OPTION C FOR THE WIN!”.

(Also, sorry for my g.d. awful video camera skills….double also, you may wanna turn the volume down)

Gotta find those little nuggets of pleasure somewhere, am I right? RIGHT?! I’m not sure what this says about his future ability to problem solve…as of right now, when faced with a problem he sits down and wails…hopefully by the time he’s 18 he gets over that :).

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