I hate winter.

Oh, what an alarming concept, hating cold weather. Me and the rest of the upper half of the country are in a jack frost hating mood up in this piece.


But it’s not so much the below freezing temps, rain, and snow that’s got me down (seriously, it’s not)…it’s the fact that my kid won’t fit in his car seat (and apparently it’s all dangerous) with his big puffy coat on…CAN SOMEONE CREATE A COAT THAT IS WARM AND PAPER THIN…there’s an idea for ya Shark Tank…a really thin coat for kids, that’s ok to wear in a car seat, doesn’t look like child neglect, and is super warm. What a concept.

So this is how it goes. Luke gets in the car seat (sans coat…cuz it won’t click with it on). Luke gets covered in a blanket (because I’m a good parent). Luke gets out of the car seat…Luke puts coat on…Luke goes inside…Luke takes coat off…and the process repeats itself. Or we just bundle kid up in our jackets and scurry inside hoping no one calls CPS on us…Oh and he throws his hat on the ground in the freezing wet puddles…

Like I said…I hate winter.


See my dilemma…Last year we just had to pop him into his teddy bear suit and it was no big dealio…teddy bear suits on bigger kids look like you want it to be Halloween all year round…

Any ideas how to survive these next 2 months (I’m calling it now, that g.d. g-hog is gonna see that shadow and it’ll be winter forever) without subjecting the kid to car seat induced hypothermia? Please help.

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  1. Joyce says:

    great post! I like the pictures.
    will comment back – http://www.oldfashionmom.com
    I understand. My kids liked to take off their coats and clothes in the winter…while in the car seat. We would get to the store and the store and they would be wearing a diaper! I used to bribe them to leave them on.

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