The Childrens Museum…

I’m not sure when it happened, but Luke got to the age where I feel like we can DO things with him. He kinda “walks”…he’s fast and is tough so if a kid gets in his way, he’ll just slice him with his tiny baby scissor (I had to google how to spell that) hands and be on his merry way…I was googling things to do with small kiddies in our area and found out there was a childrens museum at the national harbor…who knew (clearly not me). I saw sesame street and “infant stuff”…therefore…we go.

I anticipated getting the “what are they doing with a baby here…baby can’t do anything…silly parent” looks, but no, THE OLDER KIDS WERE GETTING BOOTED OUTTA BABY LAND. WE HAVE ARRIVED.


There was squishy mats (obviously covered in norovirus), tiny toys (covered in the common cold virus), felt things to slap, a crawly play gym (hand foot and mouth disease), and then an entire section teaching kids about ya know the world and languages and things. Luke was in his element. Tiny things to put in his mouth (gross I know, but what are ya gonna do), things to crawl on, space to scoot, and kids to awkwardly stare at, oh and giant buckets of legos to toss all over the place (also Dad’s happy place).

Kids 12 months and under are free (therefore we got in right at the buzzer) with adult tickets being 10$ a pop…pwompf.


It’s easy to get to, easy to navigate, and from what I could tell had really fun classes, movies, etc. for those seeking to learn instead of slobber. It’s also a great place to go to see grandparents who are desperate to wear out their grandkids for a few hours of solitude later on…I hope that worked out for you grammie of the oh so energetic Jason.





Local parents, what other fun, overpriced things can we subject our kiddie too soon??

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