Weird Watches.

I watch a lot of tv/movies. The world of Netflix has opened my eyes to some of the strangest of the strangest…and yes I watch it all. The past few days, we’ve watched some nutty things. And in true “I like that, I wanna do that too” (aka copying) fashion, I’m taking a page from my fav podcast from Grantland (The Right Reasons) and starting my own weekly weird watches (not like, oh that lady is wearing a weird watch but strange things I’ve watched in the tv/movie/video genre).

No joke, I googled "weird tv gifs" and this is what I got...
No joke, I googled “weird tv gifs” and this is what I got…


Number A.

All is Bright.

Ok so, we were trying to find something to watch the other night and I came across this under the cheap-o rentals section of itunes…I read the description and thought…Paula Giamiatti…Paul Rudd….two Pauls I like, MUST BE FUNNY. Wrong-o. This junk was depressing. It made me never want to buy a tree from a nice looking place, but buy from the potential crooks with a messed up elf balloon…it messed with my head. All ain’t bright in this movie (I get it…thats why the titles ironic…but still…WOMP WOMP).

Numero 2.


Well now I feel bad for ever going to SeaWorld…not that I’ve been since I was three…but the fact that I have stepped foot onto a park with whales in captivity….I feel like a whale killer…a whale slayer….TILIKUM HATES ME. Seriously though, before watching this, I totes woulda thought taking Luke here to see some big whales and sea animals would be a super fun idea…sorry Luke, mommy has been swept away into the anti-seaworld club after this movie. I squealed so much Pete asked me if I wanted to just turn it off…poor Shamu….FREE WILLY.


Fawlty Towers.

Ok this isn’t THAT weird since it’s a really old british show that is well known, but in the mix of the other two shows we watched this weekend, it’s going into the list. I now potentially want to name our next boy Basil and open a really junky hotel where we serve really gross fried fish and hide dead bodies in baskets…confused? Watch it.

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