LTG ::11 Months::

We’re rounding third base and heading into home plate. The first year is almost over. We just finished our collection of first holidays, not including the up and coming first birthday party, but everything from here on out is just old news to this kid. He’s seen it all…hello boring world for you (ok not really, as in he wont remember ANY of this stuff for like 4 years so we’re still ok to mess some things up with long lasting damage…).


We’re basically a full grown functioning member of society…

not at all.
not at all.

…we feed ourselves, we can move on our own, we dress ourselves (in the same way people on nudist colonies do), and we splash ourselves in the tub. What a resume.

I know everyone always says, it goes by in a blink…and it does, but also, it feels like he’s been here foooorrrrevvvverr. How was this really his first Christmas? Wasn’t he here last year? No? Really?! As I meet new babies via photoshoots and at church and MOPs and by oogling at them creepy like at the grocery store, it really is amazing how fast the body and mind grows. From the slug on the floor who hated tummy time to now being the speed lightning crawler trying out for the baby olympics (that needs to be a thing)…it’s amazing.

Last month of baby-ness….HERE WE GO!!




Its like that darwin monkey to caveman chart....
Its like that darwin monkey to caveman chart….


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