Santa!! WE KNOW HIM.

Well….we know how to DRESS like him.

This weekend, we subjected my brother to public embarrassment by making him dress up in a big red suit of heat, itch, and sweat to entertain my kid (and us). Complete with red suit, white beard, and dem black boots (no fur). Luke was more interested in the sippy cup…and eating his own foot than telling the big guy in the red suit (aka uncle ty ty) what he wants for Christmas…Meh, maybe next year. Either way, still awesome, hilarious, and kudos to my mom for finding the epic santa suit via craigslist. We may have to work a bit more on hiding the brown hair and mustache for the future….Oh and I bet santa does really throw up the horns to the kids at the mall….just saying…



It’s weird what fascinates an 11 month old. We’ve had this big firey tree with glass things hanging on it’s limbs up in the living room for weeks…and this interests Luke .0001%. But, a box of scraps of wrapping paper will entertain him for like 30 minutes. Where did you get this attention to detail child?

Luke has no idea what Christmas is about, why there is a tree in the house, why the tree is on fire, why there are boxes wrapped in shiny paper, why I keep making him wear red and green everywhere, or why people keep wanting him to sit on peoples laps and tell them things. All he wants to do is eat pine cones, play with the dog, pull on ribbons, and pull tissue paper out of bags. He helps to keep things in perspecting… presents boring…tissue paper awesome.


2 days til Christmas, are you ready?!

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