Who’s that in the picture?

Oh me? Really? Me? The mom? IN THE PICTURE?! I wrote yesterday about the baby digital footprint and the difference in views on pictures and our kids. There was an interesting stat on their saying 52% of people say mom is the number one picture taker…I think that stat should be more like 99% with an even lower number (like 5%) in the number of photos mom is actually in!

I can probably count on 2 hands the number of pics I have with Luke, this is no ones fault, but my own. I’m a camera hog and shutter button control freak. I have busted out the tripod in moments of photo desperation, but enough was enough. My vanity kicked in and I WANTED ADORABLE PICS OF MY BABY THINKING IM AWESOME.

Insert Jordan.

Ya see y’all, Jordan is a dream worthy wedding photographer in Seattle. She is an actual photographer where sometimes I just feel like a tall girl with long hair and a camera that works. She is a mover and shaker with a fabulous style and I for one wanted to abuse that “you love me, please do this for me” friendship thing :). It also provided me a guaranteed spot on her busy busy calendar when she was here in November, I am not above scheduling and using my child as bait to see people :).

So, I showered and blow dried my hair (for maybe the 10th time all year), and we took Luke to this sweet park in Crofton and I made her take photos of me and my kid. I bought her lunch and Starbucks, it was a win win situation.

I love this. I love her. I am so thankful for this. So much so they are really big and hanging in the front hallway of my house. WELCOME TO MY HOUSE, COME SEE HOW GOOD WE LOOK…can I take your coat? Yea, that’s how it goes.

In the market for a photographer west coast? Call her up. Read her blog. She’s the greatest. No lie.

sb1 sb2 sb3 sb4 sb5 sb6 sb7 20131106-IMG_2875-2949287002-O sb8 sb9 sb10 sb11 20131106-IMG_2964-2949290408-O


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