Babys First Year Digital Footprint.

Luke has a large digital footprint already at the ripe old age of 11 months old. He has filled up our mac computer several times (thank you 2 TB external hard drive…which is also almost full…oh brother). People constantly come up to us and tell Luke ” I feel like I already know you from Instagram!”…that’s either A. a good thing or B. a mom stop posting pictures because it’s getting excessive thing…I like option A. A for the win.

I came across this really cool infographic from Shutterfly (I alone am keeping them in business with excessive photo book, calendar, and print buying) . It basically lists out how parents feel about sharing photos of their children, having pictures taken, or what they simply do with pictures in the first year! As a photographer and a mom with a camera permanently attached to her face, its interesting to see how parents treat pictures of their children differently. There are the over sharers, the never sharers, and the share sometimes. I’m all over the map depending on the medium, but let’s just take an average and say I’m a “sharer”.  Mostly because, I have a TERRIBLE memory. The only memories I have from my childhood come from photos and videos, therefore I’m filling up computers and social media with little reminders to help me remember all of this great stuff!

Take a look, where do you fall? What’s your favorite way to share photos with family? Do you think we as a culture are sharing too much? Do you wish you took more pictures of your children? (If so, holler at me, we can change that :P)

Shutterfly Baby Infographic

This infographic is provided to you by Shutterfly, a leader provider of photo books, cards & stationery, custom baby gifts & more!

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