The first cold…

It’s here. The dreaded snot induced world of kids with colds has opened its doors to us….doors….close…NOW.

I’m sure this is exactly what you want to read about today….my kids green, snotty, sticky, crusty face…it’s pathetic really. Ya know whats more pathetic? The fact that he grimaces and cries and squirms every time I go to wipe anything away so there are random crust marks of snot all over his face that just stay there until bath time…where was this in the new parent manual that I never got…probably hidden in the restricted section at Hogwarts with the bible of peaceful baby sleep…

The snot started with the coming of the new tooth (also grand). It popped the other day, bringing the grand total of teeth in mouth ratio to 7….oh heyyyyyyyy lucky 7. Normally, snot goes away post tooth poppage, but no…snots still here…snots now green….guh-ross.


We took the kiddo to the doctors this afternoon just to be oh so sure…and we were sent to the dreaded SICK ROOM. Y’all know this room…it’s the worst. We have been so fortunate to just stay in the happy go-lucky “well” room for so long…now we were sent to THE SICK ROOM….NOOOOoooOooOooOOo. There was a big wet spot on the floor…we can all assume what that was…no need to investigate further. The sick room is were happiness and clean noses go to die. It felt a little colder in there…spirits of sick kids from the past haunt it i’m sure.

Once in the room, homeboy was satisfied to play with the paper and chomp on a tongue depressor stick (I should get some for the house) and came away with a clear diagnoses of “monster cold” aka a nose full of boogers, nothing else. Happy happy joy joy. Peace out sick room, hope to see you never, I’m going back to the happy place with sunshine and flowers in the “well” room…(segregation in the doctors office…it’s like the Hunger Games up in that joint).

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