The holiday card stress.

Do y’all stress about what picture you use for your holiday card? Or is that just me? Just me? Thought so.

The other weekend Pete and I went out into the woods with my trusty tripod (which i forgot the adapter too so we rigged it with some rope…we’re resourceful i tell ya) to take a holiday picture. I thought they turned out super, but for some reason it just didn’t feel holiday enough (cuz we all know that’s a thing). It was a perfectly fine picture, everyone smiley, no snot bubbles, all good. But…it just didn’t feel right without the dog, and since she’s a handful…I decided to go a different route. See below for nixed picture:

Demoted from holiday picture to wall art....sorry pic, don't take it personal.
Demoted from holiday picture to wall art….sorry pic, don’t take it personal.

No one cares about this, I know, but if there is one other neurotic holiday card person out there…I know THEY appreciate me…that one person…I feel ya.

So, I thought, OK I’ll do Luke and the dog…

I attempted this yesterday. Dog didn’t cooperate. Child didn’t want to sit still. I started getting the nervous sweats…it’s intense. So, I went from 3/4 family members to 1/4 for our card…where is the LOGIC IN THAT?!

These didn’t make the card either, but look at my smiley, adorable, chubby lil Christmas cherub…I die over him. Just die.






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  1. Kelly says:

    He looks SO MUCH like Pete!!!

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