The 5 Categories of Likers…according to me.

What type of “liker” are you?


The facebook culture is a funny one and lord knows we all have our own ideas about what is kosher vs. non-kosher in terms of facebook usage. The concept of the type of “liker” I am came to me the other day….yes…these are the thoughts that go through my cob-webbed filled brain on occasion….mostly when my latest Grantland podcast on reality tv (The Right Reasons…get on it people)  is over and I still have 20 minutes of driving time left…I think about “likes”…and facebook…and then I pull off at dunkin donuts and eat my feelings of self-lameness…ok I don’t actually do that…everytime…but sometimes…judgey wudgey was a bear.


I ramble.

So, Likers.

I categorized the “likers” in my life into 5 super awesome and scientific categories.

1. The Enthusiastic Liker:

These guys, these guys are great. They are often the ones that like anything you post within 10 minutes or so of postage. These guys just make ya feel good. No matter what it is, whether its a picture of a piece of wood through your eye or that perfect scrambled egg you just made…they are gonna like it. They may not even really like it…but you never have to know that do ya!

2. The non-liker:


Theres nothing to say about these people, cuz they just don’t like anything! They probably don’t even register into your facebook world anymore because well…they like nothing you say or do…therefore…lame…or they’re just the quiet facebook stalker (which lets be honest…that is 90% of us…) but sometimes ya just gotta “like” something every now and then!

3. The Selective Liker:

I feel this is my home on the span of “likers”. Us “selective likers”, we see it all, we read it all, but we don’t always “like” it all. Now, there are the token “ok I gotta like that or I look like an a-hole” posts. These include: new babies, engagements, preggo announcements, adorable baby photos (like really adorable, not just the average ones that get posted everyday), or the really funny and witty things that I wish I thought of but didn’t. These ya just gotta like and I do. But sometimes, I dunno what it is, even if I think to myself “hmmm that’s cool” or “hmm good for you”…it doesn’t always mean i’ll like it….curious what the psychology behind THAT is.

4. The “Wish there was an un-like” “Liker:dislike

The debbie downers. The ones who post a snarky/negative comment on something just to be contrary. These guys…these guys keep the conversation flowin. They keep the facebook dramz alive. These guys…these guys are great for those who love a bit of banter. They are risk takers, they know what they said is gonna cause a stir, but what do they care, if there was an unlike button then they wouldn’t need to post the snark…they could just give it a thumbs down and move on their merry way bringing sad faces and remorse to all facebook posts in sight.

and 5. The Awkward Likers:

The ones who like really sad posts. Example

Sally: I have had the worst case of the pukes all morning…

Margaret: Likes it.

WHY WOULD YOU LIKE THAT MARGARET??? A. Sally, stop writing on facebook and get yourself some pepto puhlease, and margaret…why are you such a puke lover? Puke is bad. Don’t do pukes. And don’t like pukes.

That’s all I got y’all. Any other categories of “likers” I have yet to identify? Where do you fall in the “liker” scale…not to be confused with “likert” scale…stats/survey peeps….get it….get it….ha.

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