I am 99% certain…

…that Luke thinks he is a dog. No seriously. Like the bow wow , woof woof dog. Why do I think this? Oh so glad you asked…(oh you didn’t…well…it’s your lucky day, A FREE STORY).

So. I thought it was just a coincidence that Luke’s favorite toys just to happened to be gracie’s disgusting and stinky dog toys. I thought to myself “hmmm it must just be because they are on the ground, and since he just puts everything in his mouth…it’s fine”. No mental problems here.

This happened…again…and again…and again…and no matter how diligent I was…those disgusting, ratty, toys ended up in his chompers. And boy did he love them.

I then started noticing that not only did they go in his mouth, but he carried them around IN HIS MOUTH like Gracie does. Crawling around…toy just dangling there like a limp squirrel….funny yes…normal? no.

Point number 2 why Luke is part puppy….he is OBSESSED with her dog bones. O to the bsesseD. Carries those suckers around, holds them in the air like hes worshipping to the dog bone god and yes….puts them in his mouth (I try to stop this I swear…but after awhile…I just get too defeated…judge away parents…judge away).

SO not only does my kid carry dog toys around in his mouth…he chews bones…and plays tug of war with the dog and attempts to steal HER TOYS so he can play with them. Sorry dog, I know…it’s not fair. I yell at you when you take his toys, but I just give up when he goes after that “once attached to a stuffed dog” toy ear that you love so much…I just…can’t.

Do they make dog collars for babies? (too far? Fine).

Luke at 5 months scopin out a dog toy while Gracie reluctantly sits back and lets it happen...poor choice dog...
Luke at 5 months scopin out a dog toy while Gracie reluctantly sits back and lets it happen…poor choice dog…

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